West 1 Castings Ltd.



You can come into us and drop your work off.

You will need to fill out an order form, clearly stating which metal(s) your wax(s)/CAD(s) are to be cast in.

If it is a master clearly state you want a mould made, the quantity you require and in which metal(s).

Also the reference you want your mould to be called. If you don't supply one we will reference it for you.

You can bring in moulds but again clearly state what quantity and metal(s) you require.

Please make sure your name is clearly visible on the mould(s).


You can post your orders to us and we can post it back to you.

If you don't have any of our order forms, please make sure you include all this information within your parcel,

Your name/company name,

Your contact information; email, phone number and your postal address,

All information on what services you require (as stated above),

If you want your castings to be posted back to you or if you will be collecting.

Please pack your parcels with care! Protect your pieces with enough padding.

Unfortunately sometimes waxes/CADs get broken in the post. This is out of our control and we urge you to be conscious of the journey your parcel has to take to get to us.