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west 1 castings ltd.

West 1 Castings ltd is based in famous London's jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden and specialises in casting precious and non-precious metals. The company was founded in 1987. West 1 Castings has become a permanent landmark of the London goldsmithing landscape, collaborating with numerous Clients in the sector. Our presence on the market is the result of continuous improvements to remain at the forefront of precious metal casters.

We are proud of the reputation we have gained over the years, ensuring the highest quality of precious metal casting services in platinum, gold, silver, brass and bronze, backed by a dedicated service team.

W offer precious metal casting from CAD/CAM models, injection waxes, hand-carved waxes, masters and moulds. Please note that at the moment we do not offer polishing/finishing services, stone setting, electro-plating or 3D printing. If you require those services we can recommend the relevant people for you to use.



Please be aware that some of the CAD/CAM models do not follow the laws of metallurgical physics. These technical design flaws can sometimes cause spruing and casting issues such as: breakages, porosity, non-fills, and other casting defects - therefore we are unable to guarantee successful castings of these models.


The recommended burnout schedule for resin models differs from our standard one and takes longer to process. While we are able to successfully cast some types of resin, we cannot guarantee this for all types due to many factors, such as: incorrect curing of the resin, bad chemical reactions, different burnout requirements etc. To ensure the highest quality of castings we strongly advise you to use CAD/CAM models rather than resin.


To ensure the best quality of casting our specialists have the final decision as to where to sprue the design (unless specifically requested otherwise). The position of the sprue will differ, depending on which metal the design is being cast in.


Please note that the minimum charge for orders regardless of quantity is now £15.00 + VAT


Please note that goods not collected within 2 weeks of the orders completion date will be scrapped and any future orders you place with us will require a deposit.


Thanks to our high standard equipment and machinery we are able to provide precious metals castings of the highest quality. Our silver and gold alloys are 100% recycled.

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